Sunday, November 30, 2008

Polar Express, Turkey Trot, CSI Games, Breakfast with Santa, Poke the Pup

Wow, what a fun Thanksgiving! Raleigh went to Utah with Grandma Ro,
Aunt Claire, and cousin Brayden to ride the Polar Express in
Heber. Stayed at Kelsy's, came back for Thanksgiving
dinner. Wednesday night Ty and I played some ball at the church
with Giff and lots of other people. Then I did the Turkey Trot 5K on
Thursday morning with cousins Gifford, Jordan, Mari, Brenner, and
Aunt Gail...and a lot of friends from high school. Helped a little
with dinner when I got back, but Kirby did the most and dad cooked
the turkey since mom was driving. It was delish.

Friday was the game at CSI vs. Casper College with a group of girls
from all over...I was so excited for the chance to play again, and
actually be in decent shape to do it. I didn't shoot well from
outside, but I felt a lot more comfortable in the second half and had
some success driving to the hole. Today we beat Yakima 87-78 and I
didn't shoot a single three but did a lot of driving because they
were pressuring us so much and didn't have good helpside.

Here is a picture of our team, minus Jo Williams from West J who
played on Friday but couldn't play today:

Here is a link to an article on the game(s) from today:

It was awesome to meet some new girls, and I also completely enjoyed
being coached by former CSI Coach Joel Bate. He has a great
knowledge of the game and I've always had a great deal of respect for
him. When I arrived at the gym yesterday he showed me where our
locker room was, and I saw the jerseys and said, "Merrilee (the CSI
assistant coach) said I could wear my old number." He said,
"22". Couldn't believe he could remember that, but he said he
remembered it from the scouting reports. That was ten years ago,
unbelievable. But like my dad says, he knows kids better than
anybody around.

I hadn't played in a college level basketball game for almost 8 again, let me say, WHAT A TREAT! I felt like a kid in a
candy store shooting around in warm-ups. Shooting in a gym like that
versus a regular gym is like the difference between regular
television and high definition. Everything is sharper! I love
Skyline High School because I would say they have a "high definition"
gym for a high school, although I just LOVE the lighting at CSI.

Zetell Nelson, Farrah's mom, saw we were playing and came to watch
today. It was nice to see her and Farrah's brother Alex. (Farrah is
a good friend from high school and her mom is a sweetheart.)

Mom watched the girls both days, which was a HUGE help.

This morning, Ty and Mom and I took Raleigh and Kysa to the Teddy
Bear Breakfast at the Civic. THey got pictures with Santa and
enjoyed looking at all of the beautiful Christmas trees.

Grandma and Grandpa got a new 7 month old chocolate lab named Poke,
and between him, Nochie, Poot, and Max, the girls have been very
entertained. Shay is very bossy with Poke, and lets him know he
shouldn't mess with her. Kysa on the other hand, has gotten ran over
several times...she went outside this morning and came in crying, and
said, "Poke get me!" I asked her what happend to her big pink hair bow...then Andrew came in with it in his hand and informed us that the hair bow was in Poke's mouth. :)

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