Friday, March 20, 2015

March Madness

I love this time of year! There's nothing like March Madness. Even when my 12 year old is crying after BSU's loss to Dayton, even when BYU blows a 17 point halftime lead vs. Ol' Miss. Especially when 14 seed Georgia State's coach (who ruptured his achilles celebrating a conference tournament victory) falls off his chair when his son hits a buzzer beater to upset Iowa State. Especially when the UC Irvine coach falls to 2 seed Louisville by 2 points.

Ty and the kids are in Menan watching the games. They will head to Pinedale tomorrow afternoon. I have my BSU Ed.S class at CSI and then I will go with mom.

Garth Brooks Sunday in Denver with Kirby and Andrew! Can't wait!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tonight...random thoughts.  There will be little if any flow to this post.  No segways.  Very few paragraphs, in fact.  I should really switch my blog over to  It's funny that I know I could make a really cool web site with it for the fam that would serve as a great family history record yet I always put it off.

I have really been enjoying summer and I feel like this entire year has been such a blessing.  Yes, I would like to be able to find a full time teaching job, but if I can get a job by next fall we can survive another year on my part-time income.  I LOVE playing tennis but this week I've actually picked up a golf club because Kirb and I are playing in the annual McDonald's tourney up at Teton Lakes.  Two days, scramble the first, two person best ball the second.  Kirby has me motivated to practice this week so I've been out at Sandcreek the last three nights hitting range balls, and tonight...putting.  Funny thing is I think tennis may have helped my game. a few swing thoughts and just coordination things.  We'll find out this weekend.  So on Monday (since Raleigh and Ty were in Montana at basketball camp--more on that later) I took Kysa and Shay out to the course and bought a large bucket for $4.75.  I had the girls practice chip shots with about 15 balls each while I hit 40 yard wedges with the 54 degree Taylormade I borrowed permanently from mom.  (LOVE IT!  Might be the missing link since I lost by Cobra 52 degree sand wedge a few years ago.)  Anyway, I figured out that natural consequences are effective in getting the girls to improve their golf games.  I told them if they could hit the bucket they would get an ice cream after golf.  Voila!  They were instantly doing better, Kysa in particular.  After chipping their portions of balls a couple times and after I hit all my wedges and then chipped them to a within a 5 foot radius, we headed to the range.  We did this Monday and yesterday.  Yesterday was rough because the girls were tired and Shay was particularly cranky, but it was still fun.  Of course, Kysa picked up about 50 tees from the driving range on Monday.  Yesterday a friend from high school, Joy Phillips who lives in Blackfoot, was hitting on the range with her husband.  THAT was unexpected as we were friends from track.  (Again, no segweys.)  I hit my driver like a champ, considering I haven't played a lick this year--literally haven't played a hole, so this practice time is pretty critical.  I had tennis last night at Tautphaus with my 3.0 team, then had another singles match tonight for my 3.5 team, and I have another one tomorrow night...the last one of the year before districts at the end of the month.

Tennis....ahhhhh...funny that I'm talking about golf when tennis has me completely addicted.  I pretty much LOVE it and it still feels like Christmas every time I get to play.  I keep wondering when I'll start to get sick of it.  I feel like a kid in a candy store when I'm on the court.  I enjoy the mental side of have so many opportunities to be a head case and I love battling through and I love the opportunities to grow that come with each match.  I love the friends I've made through tennis.  What a blessing these ladies have been and will continue to be!  I love my friends who helped me coach at Skyline.  I love my players, former, current, and future like my 11 year old star Elizabeth Harrison who clinics with us now and rocks it.  I love my coaches, Gretchen of course but also Holger and Mark Rodel and Tollan who got me started with the beginner tennis clinic at Apple.  I love my Prince EXO racquet and I'm so thankful Gretchen told me I had a grandma racquet this spring.  Didn't play with it a single time after that and it sure worked out that Mark had a demo I could buy.  This weekend I enjoyed watching the Wimbledon finals and semi's and even grabbing my racquet and pretending as if I was playing--moving my feet and taking the shots that Federer, Murray, and Tsonga were taking (can't shadow Nadal or Djokovic because I don't want to and can't imitate their strokes.)  Because of shadowing Federer a few weeks ago I've added a one handed back hand to my repertoire and I feel like it will keep getting better and better.  From watching the Williams v. Rowanska match I learned to get lower on the hard, fast shots that are hit at my feet.  (Thanks Aggie.)  It worked tonight as I avenged the second of my two losses this season, beating Caitlyn Ball 6-2, 6-0 after losing earlier in the year.  I did drop one other match because Trisha thought I'd get DQ'd at 3.0 if I didn't, but it felt awful and Holger called the USTA and assured me I'd be ok for the remainder of the season since I was a computer rate.   (This is so blabby, as Shay would say but oh well.  If I don't write some of this stuff down I'll never remember it and so much is going on.  Trivial stuff, most would say, but I feel alive when I'm reaching for goals and improving.  I love setting goals and working towards them!  Tennis gives me so many opportunities to be a goal setter.  YES, I am passionate about it.  Heck, I'm not going to do the Spudman this year because districts is the same weekend.  No man can serve two masters and that weekend tennis is IT!  This season, as I did for my high school tennis team, our 3.0 team has used google docs to post lineups and it's been a great tool.  We have already set up five lineups that will work for Boise so everyone will know what to expect going in, and we will make adjustments as we learn more about the teams we're playing but I just love being a step ahead because of technology.  It's so nice!

Kysa and Shay have had a really fun week attending a "girls camp" from 9:30 to 11:30 in the mornings by a young woman in our ward named Maurie Cunningham who lives in the neighborhood.  Through the girls camp they have become friends with a darling girl named Zara Beck who has an older brother and two younger brothers.  I started to get to know Zara's mom a few weeks ago and we went running one time.  Her name is Aricka and she is pretty good friends with Heidi and she was our girls camp director.  Anyway, I'm super excited about Zara because she is going into 3rd grade and is just a great kid.  She helps mediate when the girls fight and she helped them clean up their room and their toys...and she seems to want to be around.  Like an older sister!  She gets along really well with Kysa and seems to put up with Shay.  Now I just need to have Shay invite a friend over to keep her occupied.  Maybe Zara's little  brother Dexter.  We'll see how that goes.  Dexter seems to be fiesty like Shay so it might not be a good matchup but I'll keep my fingers crossed.  Kysa and Shay have been playing tee ball this summer on Heidi's team and that has been a way better experience than I expected.  They love to go and pay attention pretty well.  Overall we don't have too many dandelion pickers on our team, so that's nice.  Not that they are good, but they are engaged and we do have some good hitters and we occasionally get legit outs.  No score keeping in tee ball but Heidi  makes them come off the field if they get out.  Heidi is the bomb, as is Ryan.  Cade and Raleigh are such good buds.  Ty went over to a grid kid football coaches meeting tonight and the boys played (and so did Ky and Shay with Jace and Macy.)  Then Cade came back over here to play tennis ball baseball outside with Raleigh (their made up game) and then Ryan came over to get him and it's just so fun to have friends that Ty likes through and through.  They are truly our Ty and Holly Haguewood in Idaho Falls.  (Holly is tearing up triathlons in Utah this summer, another random side note.)

It was this afternoon that Raleigh and Ty returned from the University of Montana-Western basketball camp.  Raleigh has heaped high praise on the experience.  A few gems, "Mom, there were ZERO things that I didn't like about it."  I asked him how it compared to the BYU camp last summer and he said, "I could go to the BYU camp 20 times and not get up as many shots as this one."  They also had some funny stories from the dorms.  I am thinking they will be going back next summer.

Tonight we got to watch some of the ESPY's which aired tonight.  WE really love the ESPY's so that will provide good entertainment for us over the next couple of days...oh, and we are always pumped for the Olympics.  Enjoyed watching the trials whenever we could too.  GO USA!

I went visiting teaching today with Rebecca Lords for the first time.  I was a slacker the last two months since I got the assignment and it felt good to finally go.  We visiting teach Liz Taylor, a mom with a 1 year old and a 3 year old who lives in Carriagegate.  She used to work for Melaleuca as a writer and she graduated from BYU-I and grew up in New York.  The other lady we saw today was Brenda Laws our classy primary president whose husband works for Kyani and has 5 kids (I think it's 5).  23 year old twins, a daughter in Logan, a daughter in Texas, and a son in????  I think that's right.  Errrr, bad memory.  Rebecca is very kind and devout and I am sure she will be a great partner.  I am definitely the slacker in the relationship.  She spoke in church a couple of months ago and sang as part of her talk--very musical.  She has five kids from young women's age to a toddler.  She graduated in 94 from Rigby but all her brothers and sisters live in Utah now.

Writing about what's been going on makes me feel so grateful for my blessings.  I have struggled of late with my testimony...not that I doubt my Savior or the Atonement...but I do not believe in the infallibility of the church.  I believe that it is Christ's church.  I think we all need to think for ourselves and I think statements that ask us to stop thinking and stop questioning are not of God.  The unexamined life is not worth living.  I believe humility and diligence in following the Savior is the key and I will make my choices based on my relationship with the Savior.  Not the young men's leader who stands at the pulpit and says it's not okay to miss mutual for your sister's sporting event or your brother's choir concert.  That sports don't count as "family activities".  Just one example of how leaders take their own personal opinions and insert them into how the church organization functions.  Gospel of Jesus Christ: true.  Church--we are doing the best we can with the resources we have (imperfect people).  I cringe at things that remind me of the Pharisees and Sadducees. that soap box.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sleeping on the Tramp

It was Raleigh's idea, but he ended up in the house before he was even close to falling asleep.  Kysa was committed, and I think Shay went back out to check on Kysa and accidentally fell asleep because she's still out there.  Gotta love 'em.  We had a fun week.  Ty and I were in Boise for his annual summer shootout with his h.s. team, I played tennis, and the kids had fun with Grandma Ro and G-Jer-Bear.  Madagascar 3, swimming at the Rupert pool, four wheeler rides to the "airport" (the air strip for crop dusters north of the shop), Raleigh learning to drive the 4-wheeler by himself (thanks G-Ro, he was pumped!), riding scooters on the driveway, playing with the dogs and Smoky, and fishing at American Falls.  This week we've got tee ball, junior golf tee times, some tennis, yard work, projects, and for me, some grading for the BYU-I class I am teaching online.  Amy, Eric and the kids are here next week so we've got the Shippen Reunion at Downata and of course the Menan 4th of July celebration to look forward to.  I love summer.  I also should mention something that has made me chuckle.  Shay was super excited that Grandma let her bring home some old hand-me-downs that Kirby, Kelsy, and I wore.  Her new nickname is "Hawaii 5-0" as she wears the 80's style button-up Hawaiian shirt (unbuttoned) with pride along with her classic bermuda shorts.  She looks awesome with that blonde curly hair.  I can picture her out on the beach with a surfboard.  

Saturday, March 17, 2012

kinda creepy, brackets, and TENNIS

Kysa and Shay were watching a moderately scary flick on Netflix tonight. I asked them if they wanted to keep watching it, and Kysa responded, "It's kinda creepy, but I LIKE IT."

Upon coming home from school yesterday, Kysa exclaimed, "Yay, it's time for my BRACKET!" Ty and Raleigh are training them well and had each of them pick all of the games. Tonight Kysa was a little bummed that Shay was winning. We definitely can't have too much March!!!

Today was my first tennis match vs Rigby. Our kids did well, winning 10 of the 12 matches. Match info is here: I am so lucky to have tons of awesome help.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Traumatized by Sandlot

As we were preparing for Sunday dinner, Shay had some important things on her mind. She told me,

"Mom, I am going to be lifeguard when I get big. But when some kid jumps off something, I'm not going to help them. I want their friends to help them."

Why Shay?

"Because I don't want to kiss them. Ewwww. He was not big enough to kiss that lifeguard. I never want a boy to do that if I am a lifeguard when I am big."

I said, "Well, the good thing is they don't teach you to do rescue breaths with CPR anymore."

(As if Shay is going to have a clue what that means.)

But apparently Kysa picked up what I was putting down...sort of.

She said, "Yeah, they just whopp their belly to get them to breathe!"

Return at Fred Meyer

Shay had me busting up earlier this week.  After I picked her up from preschool at Theresa Bunker Elementary, I informed her that  we were going to Fred Meyer because I needed to return some shorts.

She immediately replied, “Because you stole them?” 
Who does she think I am!  J    

Teaching Kids Reverence and Respect

Ty and I had to talk in church today.  My topic was "teaching children reverence and respect."  After church, Kysa tapped me on the shoulder to tell me she was going home in dad's car. Ty was talking with someone in the foyer, so Raleigh, Shay, and I headed out to the car and drove home.

As we headed into the house, Ty pulled in, concerned.  "Kysa's not with you?"  Nope.

I thought, "Now that will teach her some respect."

When he got back to the church he found her chilling by the coat rack in the foyer, not crying, with a smile on her face.  When we left the church building, Kysa told us she was looking for Shay's coat, which she didn't realize I had already found.  Ty didn't see her anywhere and assumed she had left with us.    But I guess if you're going to accidentally leave your kid somewhere, the churchhouse would be at the top of the list.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Living in the Hospital / Toothbrushes

As we embark on a New Year, I am resolving to be more consistent about posting to the blog.  Here are a couple anecdotes I've been meaning to post:

Christmas Eve Ty was talking to the kids about being grateful for all of our blessings, like having a warm house to live in.  "Do you know some people don't even have houses to live in?"  He asked.

After thinking about that somber fact for a moment, Kysa responded, "Yes, some people live in the HOSPITAL!"  A few seconds later, as she pondered some more she added, "Oh, and the Indians don't live in houses."

Yesterday I took the girls to the Melaleuca store and I let them each get a new toothbrush.  As we checked out I noticed they both had a blue toothbrush.  "Girls, wouldn't it be a good idea to get different colors so you can tell your toothbrushes apart?"

They were both insistent that blue was their favorite color.  What to do?  I told them I would just have to write their names on the handles or something.  Then Kysa decided to take one for the team and headed to the toothbrush section.  Shay soon followed, much to my chagrin.  I looked at the cashier and she smiled and said, "You know, neither of them will come back with a blue toothbrush."

Sure enough, Kysa came back with a green toothbrush, followed by Shay....with a green toothbrush.

Pretty much sums up what we're dealing with at this stage.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

No Blabbing!

As I reminded Shay about cleaning up her room for the 3rd time, she retorted, "Mom, you already said that.  You are starting to be blabby like me.  You shouldn't blab."

Thank you Grandma Ro for introducing her to the term.  :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Last Saturday of Summer Break at Blacktail

After spending the morning at our annual pediatric center fun run with Heidi Marlow and her kids and some of our volleyball girls, Heidi said the magic works... "Do you want to go jetskiing?"  HELLO!  Do I ever?  Hadn't been out yet this year, and I got every bit of sore as possible without getting hurt.  15x to get up on the slalom (but I got up and had a decent little run...yeah!), tubing with Heidi which was hilarious and super fun, and a little wakeboarding, landing a few wimpy 180's even.  And to add to my joy, Olivia and Emma were with us all day.  Love those girls!  The kids were good and had fun tubing and kneeboarding.  Kysa loved going fast on the tube.  Shay, not so much.  Ryan said Olivia was a pro on the kneeboard.    Ty had a fun day floating the river from Lorenzo to Menan with Travis and Justin.  He said they caught about 10.   He joined us at the fun run, then at Tautphaus for tennis, then Arctic Circle, then he went fishing and we hit the lake.  Woo hoo!  

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Eating like a WHAT?

As the kids were eating breakfast this morning, I noticed that my Raleigh
got up from sitting next to Shay at the kitchen counter to sit by himself at
the dining room table. I asked him why he moved, and he exclaimed, "Shay is
eating like a Nazi! She just spit in my cereal!"

Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Bullets" and Kysa's worms

Working on some projects at the house this weekend, I had the tools out and
was screwing in some bolts. Kysa asks, "Mom, can I hold the bullets?"

Kysa loves her worms. When Ty put in the garden this weekend, she put some
worms in a container. I upgraded her original little cup to a cut off
2-Liter bottle so she could have better visibility. She frequently goes and
checks on "her worms". Yesterday she thought they died because she left
them in the sun, but alas, they were fine. She should be ready for Grandpa
Jer-Bear to teach her how to thread 'em anytime now.

Why do you like her so much?

It's no secret at our house that Shay is a mama's girl. To put it more
accurately, she is a mom-MONSTER. This morning as we were heading off to
school, I needed to run back into the house to grab Kysa's glasses and Shay
wanted to go back in the house with me. Exasperated, Kysa turns to Shay and
hollers, "SHAY, why do you like her so much!" I look at Kysa and start
laughing. Seriously! It makes no sense to me either Ky.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Where do you want to go on vacation?

"Where do you want to go on vacation?" The cartoon character on Nick Jr.

"Vegas!" Shay responded without hesitation.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Jaden Dunking

Jaden is one of Raleigh’s friends and a real basketball FANatic.  Got his left handed layups down just last week.  Having a little fun in his driveway here.  His mom Amanda is one of my good friends.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shay and Kysa's Gymnastics

Grandma Ro is sponsoring the girls gymnastics lessons and today was their first day (since last spring). 


We went and got a leotard big enough for Kysa and exchanged one they never wore for Shay and they were set.  They had fun, and Shay hung in just fine in the 5 to 7 year old class.


But Shay just ran upstairs where I’m working very urgently and told me the following:


“I am angry mom.”


Why Shay?


“When I was at gymnastics my teacher told me to touch the floor with my nose.  I don't want to touch the floor with my nose!


Cuz that's YUCKY!"