Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sleeping on the Tramp

It was Raleigh's idea, but he ended up in the house before he was even close to falling asleep.  Kysa was committed, and I think Shay went back out to check on Kysa and accidentally fell asleep because she's still out there.  Gotta love 'em.  We had a fun week.  Ty and I were in Boise for his annual summer shootout with his h.s. team, I played tennis, and the kids had fun with Grandma Ro and G-Jer-Bear.  Madagascar 3, swimming at the Rupert pool, four wheeler rides to the "airport" (the air strip for crop dusters north of the shop), Raleigh learning to drive the 4-wheeler by himself (thanks G-Ro, he was pumped!), riding scooters on the driveway, playing with the dogs and Smoky, and fishing at American Falls.  This week we've got tee ball, junior golf tee times, some tennis, yard work, projects, and for me, some grading for the BYU-I class I am teaching online.  Amy, Eric and the kids are here next week so we've got the Shippen Reunion at Downata and of course the Menan 4th of July celebration to look forward to.  I love summer.  I also should mention something that has made me chuckle.  Shay was super excited that Grandma let her bring home some old hand-me-downs that Kirby, Kelsy, and I wore.  Her new nickname is "Hawaii 5-0" as she wears the 80's style button-up Hawaiian shirt (unbuttoned) with pride along with her classic bermuda shorts.  She looks awesome with that blonde curly hair.  I can picture her out on the beach with a surfboard.  

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