Friday, January 9, 2009

Dining Room Dribbling Expo

Kysa figured out how to dribble yesterday (1/8) at Coach Ehardt's clinic at Apple Athletic Club. It was like a light came on. She still only gets about 15-20 dribbles in a row, but that's a big improvement from not being able to dribble at all a couple days ago. Maybe it’s the pink basketball she got for Christmas. She will be 2 for two more weeks…maybe we can get her dribbling with her left hand by her birthday. Ha!

Here are the links to some clips on YouTube of the kids dribbling before bed: “Shay’s Turn” “Raleigh Attempts Behind the Back” “Keep Your Hand Up” “Keep Your Mouth Closed”

The best clips are the ones where Raleigh gives Kysa instructions while she is dribbling and she does her best to do what he says.

On an exciting note, Ty’s Skyline boys beat Madison tonight—YAY! It was a close game, 55-54. WHEW. They needed it. Ty went to Applebees with the other coaches after the game to celebrate, after stopping at the house to make sure it was alright and say hi to the kids. Kysa hugged Ty and said, “Dad, you can’t go!” Then she looked at him with those big brown eyes and said, “But daddy, I MISS YOU!”

We have our first day of the 1st-3rd grade basketball league at Apple Athletic Club tomorrow so I better get to bed. I’m gonna hit a couple of cycling classes before it starts.

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