Thursday, July 10, 2008

Voting Party for Thayne

Thousands of votes were cast for Thayne tonight at our little neighborhood voting party. We used our own cell phones as well as ones we borrowed from the neighbors! Some of the girls were double dialing. This picture doesn't show everyone who came--I think we had about 15 total but not everyone could stay to vote, but I'm hoping they voted at home. Although the judges weren't impressed with Comfort and Thayne as a couple, Thayne got a rave review from the famous choreographer Mia Michaels after their second number. Kirby said she voted over 1200 times by herself! Meredith also had a Thayne party, according to Kirb.
Janet's girls are staying the night and helping out tomorrow a.m. while Ty goes to Skyline for basketball for a couple of hours because I'm headed to the Teton Valley for the "Extreme Knowledge Bus Tour 2" hosted by Julie Bryan's Windermere Real Estate office. I'm going up with Keim and on the way up we'll be hammering out a proposal for a lease on the Corporate Express building. It will be my biggest deal yet by far if we can put it together. I'm optimistic but we are in competition with a couple other locations.

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