Friday, May 9, 2008


Ty lined up Eliza (and Emma) to babysit tonight so we could go to dinner and a movie for our 8th anniversary.  We tried Ruby River and then went to “Baby Mama” with Troy and Janet.  We got a lot of laughs.  Amy Poehler is hilarious.  We made the mistake of coming home to check on the kids before the show, and when we looked in to check on Shay she woke up and freaked out, so I told Ty to go and I stuck around to calm her down.  She is such a mama’s girl right now.  I think she would have been fine if Ty would have looked in on her, but she saw me and it was O-V-E-R.  Thankfully I only missed the first 25 minutes of the show.  It could have been worse.


Kelsy came up to visit on Thursday and helped me with the kids.  It was good to see her.  She brought her dog Dex and he got off the chain.  Luckily somebody found him and called Dallas from his tag, and the person brought him back to the house.  Dex had to stay in his kennel after that.  Kelsy brought up several Game Cube games and Raleigh has been thoroughly enjoying playing them, especially Mario Party 6. 


Kysa is really into Dora the Explorer right now.  She tells me, “I watch Dora”.  And she gets really made if she can’t. I remember when Raleigh went through the Dora stage.   She also wanted to have a “mick-mick” today.  That’s how she pronounces picnic. 



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happycfam said...

Happy Aniversary!
So I've meant to comment for a long time, but you know how crazy life can be. Thanks for letting me check out your blog. What a cute family!
I hope everything is good for you and your family!