Thursday, December 25, 2008

Cats and Dogs

On the way home from the gillette Christmas party, which was a great success thanks to Grandma Ro’s hard work, we were talking about how we’d have to introduce Snowshack the cat to Nochie and Max.  Raleigh said, “and Poke!”


I swallowed hard.  “Well Raleigh, we have some bad news.  Poke got ran over.  He’s dead.  Kinda sad, huh?”


Raleigh paused, then said, “Well, not that sad….that’s kinda good news!”  I breathed a sigh of relief and laughed.  I was really worried Raleigh was going to break into tears.  Just the opposite.


Poke was a playful six month puppy and knocked the kids around a bit on our last visit.  I guess Raleigh wasn’t a big fan.  Poke got ran over by my former Minico track coach Wes Patterson who was driving around looking for pheasants.  He was a good looking chocolate lab and they’d only had him a few weeks.  Luckily they didn’t pay for him.


We decided to bring the cat so she wouldn’t get lost like last time we went out of town, AND so we wouldn’t have to bother the neighbors about looking after her.  The amazing thing was that I didn’t sneeze a single time on the drive to the Emerson church.  I need to take a picture of Snowshack and post it.  Shay calls her “Nacks”.  Other nicknames include “Shack” and “Shack-attack”.  And the neighbors call her Snowy and Miss Kitty.  Never thought we’d be bringing a cat with us…anywhere, but we kinda like her.

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