Friday, December 5, 2008

Cady had 40 points

Cady Williams scored 40 in our overtime 93-90 win over Columbia Basin today. What a pleasure to play with Cady again, though it was strange wearing CSI jerseys. Guess that’s what happens when they cancel your alma mater’s sports program. L Grandma Ro watched the kids…dad was my chauffeur. Our team was Merrilee Udy, Brooke Kerbs, Cady, Kim Hemenway, Laurie Crocker, Shayla Bingham, and me. Coach Bate coached us again. He’s cool.

The Skyline varsity didn’t fare so well in their opener at Weber State against Clearfield H.S., losing by 20. The junior varsity won. They play Justin Nelson’s Syracuse team tomorrow night.

We play Lethbridge tomorrow at noon. They look pretty weak, and CSI blew them out last night. Columbia Basin lost to SLCC by two points, and SLCC is ranked #19 in NJCAA. Whatever that means…

I sure am enjoying this little blast from the past. I hope I can do it next year.

I am attaching our Gillette Christmas Party Invitation…the project I did tonight while Raleigh, Grandma Ro and Grandpa Jer-Bear went to the Minico boys game.

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K.G. Shippen said...

Just a follow up...Cady had 41 points in game #2, a 98-96 win over Lethbridge.

Cady had to play the 5 position in both games...obviously she's VERY good at it.