Sunday, October 12, 2008

Hill Air Force Base Firehouse 10K

I went to SLC this weekend to hang out with Atim and Grace AND Susan. I
needed the break, and was so grateful for the chance to go down there. Atim
treated me to a great dinner at Market Street Grill Friday night and then we
had a great time talking back at the apartment before finally hitting the
hay. We thought seriously about sleeping in Saturday morning instead of
heading up to Hill Air Force Base for a free 10K run, but we managed to make
it out the door. Susan Venegas and her cute little family came too as Juan
is an awesome runner. He got second place and burned some serious rubber...
I can't remember his exact time but I think it was around 38 minutes!

Atim finished ahead of me by a couple of minutes, so I have to give her a
ton of credit. I made the mistake of stopping at the turn and getting a
Gatorade and after that my legs didn't work so well. My 5K time was 25
minutes...which isn't that great considering the first half was mostly
downhill. It didn't help that the second half of the race was back up the
HUGE Hill Air Force base hill. It seemed like it would never end. But it
did, and I was so thankful to get the awesome workout in for the weekend.
It was pretty dang cold and even snowed on us a bit while we were running,
but like Atim said, it was sort of calming--as weird as that sounds.

After the race we went to Striders, the running store in Layton that
sponsored the run, and I got a nice pair of Saucony's for $25 on clearance.
Pretty excited about that. We also hit CostCo and I got some chocolate for
Kelsy, vitamins, and adorable little dresses for the girls. Kels met us at
my favorite ice cream place in the land, Nielson's Frozen Custard off 2600
S. in Bountiful. Then Atim and I headed home to shower and take a nap
before enjoying a lovely dinner with Grace, the most amazing 90 year old
woman you'll ever meet. There's no way you'd ever guess she's 90. She's
sharp as a tack and healthy and beautiful. After dinner we were off to
Susan's house to visit. She has a really nice house near Fashion Place
mall, and we talked and talked and talked until about 12:30. Haven't done
that in a long time...stayed out until 12:30 with friends. Yeah, we were
really partying it up while Susan nursed little Sienna. Party animals that
we are. :)

In the a.m. we went to the tabernacle choir's "Music and the Spoken Word"
performance. How uplifting! The t.v. and radio broadcasts just can't do it
justice. We all loved it, Atim especially enjoys the spirit she feels when
she hears that kind of worship music. I took some pictures of Randy Jensen
singing in the choir, who is a good friend of my parents who used to live in

I missed the kids but I know they had a super time with their dad. They had
a campout in the living room last night--Ty even set up the tent.

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