Sunday, October 5, 2008

Clowning Around

Ty, Shay, and Kysa have all thrown up this weekend, and I had basketball clinics yesterday for my JDRF fundraiser!  So much for a relaxing conference weekend!  Luckily the sickness  has been short lived for each of them.  Raleigh and I are hoping we don't get whatever they have.   We got out some Halloween decorations at Raleigh's request last night after the girls went to bed.  This morning, the kids had fun with some costumes and wigs.  Kysa wanted me to put on a mask, which I did, and then I was quiet for a few seconds.  She kept saying, “Mommy….mommy…”   Then I yelled “GRRRR!”  She yelled, “No!  Don’t do that!”  And started crying.  She was MAD at me.  Ooops. 



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