Monday, September 15, 2008

Weekend Update

On Saturday after the JDRF event at Snake River Landing, Ty took Raleigh and Shay out to Menan so he could watch the football games, and so I could take Kysa jetskiing with Cindy Leyland.  She is an awesome lady and has two jetskis, but her husband doesn’t like to go.  (Did I mention she’s a grandma?)  Anyway, Alicia Jones also came with us for the second time.  She’s a 9th grader who is a really good basketball player and babysits for me quite a bit.  We had a blast.  Cindy led us underneath Broadway bridge and we went right up to the falls.  It was beautiful. We put in at South Tourist Park and enjoyed the stretch of water by Snake river Landing.


Kysa drove a bit…she said, “I go fasty”, and hit the gas hard.  She loves the water, although it was cold enough she realized it wasn’t a good idea to “go swimmin”.  I got in and swam for about 30 minutes and Kysa rode with Cindy.  It was a beautiful day.  We got back to the house and changed and went to Iggy’s Sports Grill.  While we were waiting, we walked out to the Pier and looked at the water that we’d been jetskiing in a couple hours before.  Ky found some rocks to jump off of, and said, “I do a SoupyJump!”   (Superjump!)  Then she told me, “mom, you do a Soupyjump!”  She’s so full of energy.  She actually did really great at the restaurant.  I prepped her, and she was wearing a cute dress so I think she sensed it was important to behave (better than she usually does anyway.)  It’s a lot easier when I have her 1-on-1.  I had to laugh though, in her booster chair she discovered she could do dips, so that kept her occupied for awhile.  She’s really into doing dips and her leg lifts especially.  She figured out how to do the leg lifts in the middle of the horseshoe shaped table at Apple’s nursery.  Now Shay is trying to do them too.  It’s gotta be genetic or something.  Ty knows what I’m talking about. 


When we got home from Iggy’s, we watched some shows together on the couch before bed, and I brushed her hair.  She LOVES having us brush her hair lately.  Speaking of hair, Shay now has enough hair for me to put all of it in a ponytail.  Kysa…not so much. 


Ty and I spoke in church today and KC and Chris Jones took care of Kysa and Shay so we could sit on the stand.  Raleigh sat by our primary pres. Marcy Bitter.  Even though we had to speak, it was way more relaxing than usual because we weren’t battling the girls.  We were so grateful.  We had the Bodily’s and the Murdoch’s over for treats a little after 8, and it was a blast for us and the kids.  They are great.  Maureen Peterson also came over to deliver a letter that Jordan wrote to us. (One of Ty’s players.)  I also had him in the basketball class I taught up at BYU-I.  He’s on a mission in Korea and doing wonderful.

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