Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lots to Report

It's a big week for Ty...first games, Meet the Players Night dinner...lots of exciting things!

Jen Schaat helped me with Shay and Raleigh last night so I could go help Ty. I brought Kysa. It turned out great once we got through a couple near catastrophes such as Texas Roadhouse only having half of our order ready on time. But it all worked out and was a memorable night. Ty did a good job as always and the kids gave away a lot of neat Skyline gear. I think they netted around 4500, and they will be able to give the Edwards family around 1500 minimum. We will continue to raise money for them.

Emmett spoke for a minute and was really emotional. The boys stood up and gave him a standing ovation.

i made a short little highlight video to hopefully motivate the kids.

I brought Kysa with me and various people helped me with her, including Alison Frei, Emmett, Kass, Troy Deane, the Facer boys, and a mom that worked with Ty in the concession stand at one of the football games. I brought her because I didn't want to overwhelm Jen and because she had a cough, and today she was a lot worse. she did the breathing treatment three times...but she's just not feeling well. Poor girl. I might take her to the doctor today.

I am starting my Body for Life today. Turning point has come. Joel Bate called from CSI about playing in some games this weekend against CEU, North Idaho, and CSI on an All-Star team. Well unfortunately i'm not much of an all-star right now. NEXT YEAR!

I'm going to ask joel if he could schedule something like this for next year and we'll put a team in. Me, Sharee, Cady, Shelby, Emily, Lisa, Jill, and Claire Bodensteiner if we can get her back from England. Or something like that. It would be so fun.

Dad made a good point that a lot of the people that would be good to play like Allison Pincock CAN'T play in something like that because they are coaching.

Anyway, I was really sad that I couldn't go play, to the point that I cried. I just realize how much I miss it and what a special time that was.

so I'm doing BFL and I'm going to get in the kind of shape I want to be in.

I may record my progress on my's a private blog so I think I'd be okay with that.

Shay is growing up so fast. She's been saying lots of different sounds. Na Na Na and DOWN were two things she said today. I think she understands a lot.

Kysa said, 'that's gross" when Ty came out of the bathroom after he got home tonight. It was funny.

Raleigh is a good helper most of the time. honestly, I don't know what i'd do without him sometimes. He never hesitates when he knows I really need his help.

I did my visiting teaching tonight--but it was really just a girls night out with friends. Went with Jen, Natalie Adams, Amy Saylor who used to be a do not contact on my list but is now my partner. We at at Bajio and it was good. I laughed a lot. Jen is a good friend. Natalie is so sweet, and Amy, well, she has the most amazing diamond ring I've ever seen. I mean, I got emotional looking at it. It's like a 30,000 ring. unbelievable. I never thought I'd want anything like that, but looking at it, well, I still wouldn't want the responsibility of having something like that, but I can see why people go crazy for diamonds.

Trent came over to talk to Ty before the first game tomorrow. He's a good man, and a good friend to Ty.

I'm so lucky to have good friends.

Body for Life start date 2007: November 27th.

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