Thursday, May 20, 2010

Change of Plans

The weather was quite rainy this morning, but nevertheless I set out for
Rigby, dropping the girls off with Rebecca Nead and heading over to
Jefferson Hills to discover the tourney had been cancelled. The golf pro
kindly offered me a free round AND a cart, so I played 18 holes in under 2
hours for free. What a deal! I was playing well until the last 4-5 holes
when I really lost my focus. Shot an 88. (41-47)

Coach Woodland and I will try to play the tournament on June 3rd, the
rescheduled date. So it was good to play the course. It reminded me of
playing at Rupert. There is something to be said for low key courses where
you don't have to fight people.

After picking up the girls, I took them to Arctic Circle in Rigby for lunch
and oh man, they were both acting out for the first couple of minutes. I
grabbed Kysa (as she seemed to be the one agitating Shay) and took her
outside and gave her a good hard spanking and laid down the law. She came
back in after a few tears and acted like a normal human being. A grandpa
looked at me as I was bringing her back in and said, "Now that's a good

Ha! I'll take the compliment. A better mom would have just taken them back
out to the car and left! But I wanted to eat.

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Rachel said...

I love that comment from the grandpa! :) sometimes just just gotta do it! And I would have gone back in to eat also.