Sunday, April 18, 2010

Schow Family Update

Posting these from my cousin Tallan because Raleigh enjoys reading this blog and he’ll enjoy these pictures and stories about his cousins.



Okay,  I have to share a few more photos and stories... We were surprised the kids found three different types of frogs.  One was as green as the moss growing out of the rocks, one looked like your typical mountain lake frog and we found the tan one near the lake but the kids insisted on letting it go in the water.  I think it was more of a forest land frog....  Pretty amazing for the kids to find such different looking frogs on one trip.  Wish I would have gotten photos of the others.  Last night we experienced an exciting mountain lightning thunderstorm for about 30 minutes.  We found the discarded tire and decided to make a swing out of it. The girls put Ella in it and we thought she was having fun until she started yelling in her tiny voice "Done".  We brought it home and hung it in our birch tree  but this evening Hailey and Addison broke the rope in mid-air. Glad we don't have any broken bones around here :)  

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