Thursday, December 16, 2010

G-Ro to the Rescue

Grandma Ro has been a huge help to us in this busy time of year. From a
semi-surprise visit on Wednesday for the Madison basketball game (which
Grandpa watched) and G-Ro babysat so I could film and go to the freshman
girls coming last weekend so I could do the ACT's and ref a
basketball is always a blast for the kids. She manages to find
time to play with them, read to them, make gingerbread houses with them,
Skype Kirb and Bodie with them, and always throw in a load of my laundry or
two and clean up my messy house. She is truly a superhero to me and my
kids. Oh, and I didn't mention that if ever something needs mended or
hemmed, she is quick to do it on my sewing machine (that only she uses!)
Even though she lives 2 hours away she is here when I need her to be, and I
am so grateful.

(I have to comment on this one picture with the kids by the Christmas
tree...I think it's hilarious because Grandma Ro looks so cute and the kids
all look like GOONS! Reminds me of the Little Bunny Foo Foo song...the good
fairy has done what she threatened to do.)

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Brooke Bailey said...

Moms/ Grandmas are the best!!! Where would we be without them.