Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rude Awakening

Today I learned that I desperately need to throw some hills into my running workouts. I did the 6th leg of the 40 mile To Bone and Back relay, and although it wasn't the hardest leg, the last mile (of 5) was totally uphill and I was very close to either puking or passing out when I handed off the "bone" to my teammate. I think I could have walked faster than I was running up portions of that last hill. I ran with Jessica and Eric Tomberlin and their friends. I met Jessica at the nursery at Apple Athletic Club. She's AWESOME!

After my run I picked up Kysa and Shay and brought them back to the finish line area at Summit Orthopedics where they had free hot dogs, ice cream cones, a jump thing, drinks, Great Harvest bread, etc. They were really cute and actually pretty obedient. Then we headed to Apple to go swimming with Ty, Raleigh, Preslee, and Gretchen. After being quite clingy initially, Shay made the big jump to swimming around by herself in her life jacket. She was being really daring, jumping in by herself and swimming to a noodle, putting her head under the water lots.

Ty took Raleigh golfing at Pinecrest in the evening along with his dad and Troy. I picked him up at the turn and Emmett and Ty played 18. Ty said he shot 83. When we got home Whitney Schetrumpf came over to babysit so I could go listen to my friend Michelle Ziel from Snake River landing sing at Hard Hat. I ended up sitting with Liza from SRL, Kerry Huggins from River City Weekly and her husband, and a young couple that Kerry knew through working at the beauty school. Kind of random, but it was fun. I really like Michelle and Liza. And Kerry for that matter.

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