Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Monday report

Took Raleigh and the Ehardt kids golfing at Sandcreek today for the Idaho Falls junior golf day.  Couldn’t find a babysitter for Ky and the Shay monster, so I put helmets on them and off we went.  On the green of the 3rd hole Shay was getting cranky and bossy.  I pulled the pin out so the kids could putt and I set it down, and Shay said, "No, back in!"


I told her no, we had to wait for the kids to finish putting, and I stepped on the pole so she couldn't lift it up.  I was watching the kids putt, and next thing I knew, she was biting my leg.  Yikes!


We met Ty at Leo’s after our golfing excursion.  He had a golf outing this morning in Rexburg for work.  He left Leo’s to meet the All-American yards guys to get our sprinkler system working—YAY!  Raleigh had swimming club at 4 and I did laps.  We sat in the hot tub outside after his class. Ty mowed the backyard and watched the girls.  When we got home Ty took Raleig h over to Skyline to open up the gym for Troy Deane and they shot baskets for awhile.  Busy day!


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