Sunday, August 3, 2008

GIve Said the Little Stream

What a fun week! Some good friends invited us to sit in their box at the Chukars game on Wednesday night and it was an extra inning game that had an exciting finish. The guy that hit the winning run signed a ball and Raleigh got it when he went down on the field to do the traditional run around the bases with all the kids. Pretty cool. Then on Friday night the same family invited us to the War Bonnet Roundup Rodeo, and they had enough tickets for Shane, Nancy, and Connor to go. THe rodeo was great but I commented to Ty that we were the ones who were STEER WRESTLING, because Kysa and Shay are so hard to handle. They can't even sit still at a rodeo let alone sacrament meeting. Just before the bull riding they had a touching performance of one of my FAVORITE songs "God Bless the USA." During the second chorus they put the spotlight on the stage (which had been dark) and there was a battalion of soldiers who had recently returned from Iraq. It was SO COOL! I was overwhelmed with gratitude and emotion. Lots of people shed tears and I was proud to be an American. I left a bit early with the girls, but we sat in the car and watched the awesome fireworks display before heading out and beating the traffic. Ty and Raleigh came home with Shane.

I taught Kysa the classic Primary song "Give Said the Little Stream" tonight and as we were singing it to Ty (after practicing about 3 times), I paused before key words so she could sing them by herself. This is how it wen: (My words are in regular type and Kysa's are in bold italics.) "Give said the little stream, give, oh give, give oh give...Give said the little stream, as it hurried down the....MOUNTAIN!

(For everyone who doesn't know the song, it's supposed to be HILL.)

Ty and I got quite the chuckle out of it.

Kysa went to bed tonight with a pair of swimming goggles on. She said, "Mom, I want to wear my goggles to bed." Whatever!

Kysa is very good at seeing something and then being able to do it. Ty went golfing with Shane today in the Taylor Chevrolet Bestball at Teton Lakes. So I took the kids to Apple and worked out, then we went swimming, and then we went to a gymnastics open gym over at Elite Gymnastics. I was exhausted by the time we got home but it was fun. Kysa impressed me by pulling herself onto a regular sized balance beam and standing up, walking to the end, and jumping in the pit without help. I was right there to catch her but she was adamant about doing it by herself and did NOT want me to touch her. She is BOLD in the gym, and if she gets hurt she shakes it off (unless it's realy bad) because she just wants to keep at it. She fell pretty hard on the preschool size uneven bars a couple times but it didn't slow her down much.

Shay is getting really good at the trampoline. Tonight we jumped for quite awhile after dark. Shay did five seat drops and bounced right back up to standing when I asked her to, which Kysa doesn't know how to do yet. Raleigh learned how to do front flips, although he doesn't land on his feet yet. Kysa improved her somersaulting ability.

Another development this week is that Raleigh discovered that playing h-o-r-s-e with Ty on the little hoop in the basement is great fun, so they've been doing that a lot.

My dad is supposed to be coming through tomorrow with Perry on their way to Clark Canyon Dam outside of Dillon. I'm excited for him to see our house because he hasn't made it up here since we moved in.

Pictures from this week to be added later! I didn't actually take many this week, but I bet I have some good ones from our fishing trip last week to American Falls.

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