Sunday, November 7, 2010

Raleigh's Baptism and Confirmation, November 6th, 2010

Raleigh's baptism was great. The first talk was by a high school girl and
she was doing an amazing job, but about halfway through she started to black
out and thankfully said something so the people on the stand helped her sit,
and then they took her out to the hallway. Austin went out and helped
her--so nice to have a doctor in the house. I talked to her mom April
Spaulding today (who happens to be my online teaching supervisor) and she is
doing fine. They think she may have just locked her knees. We all thought
she might have had a seizure, so hopefully that's all it was.
We had beautiful weather and lots of people came. Afterwards we went to
Leo's, which was easy. Too big of a crowd for our house. Aunt Janie and
Uncle Mike came all the way from Boise. Meredith was planning on coming but
her flight got cancelled.
We are so proud of Raleigh and how he handles himself. His primary teacher
came and gave him a neat homemade book about baptism.
Standing in for his confirmation was G-Emmett, G-Jer-Bear, Uncles Ronald,
Shane, Troy, Trent, Andrew, Mike Conroy, Cousins Austin Gillette, Justin, Skyler, and Bishop (and friend) Clay Murdoch.

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camfox said...

Awesome Kaly. What a special day. So neat that you had so much family there to support your Raleigh boy. He's always been such an impresive kid to me. Sure love you.