Saturday, February 27, 2010

Shay Likes Scissors

From parent teacher conference at the Lighthouse, Ty and I learned that Shay
likes cutting, puzzles, books, and sledding. Kysa likes puzzles, books, and
eating snow. Their teachers commented about how Shay is more bossy and
demanding towards Kysa than the other way around. They also commented on
how much both of the girls love puzzles and books. "Shay would do puzzles
all day if I let her". Not that it's surprising, but it was interesting to
me that the teacher's brought it up as if their interest was above the norm.

At this point I very am happy with the school. I am not the best
stay-at-home mom and as much as I think it would be great if I could do all
the neat things with the girls they are doing in Montessori, I know I
wouldn't get-er-done. I feel like they are learning correct principles that
will help them be successful in their lives and their interactions with
others. The biggest thing is I know they are learning a lot of personal
responsibility. How many 2 year olds zip up their own coats? How many 3
year olds wash and put away their dishes when they are done eating? Simple
things they learn at school are helping them (and me) do better at home. I
keep trying to remind myself not to do things for them that they are capable
of doing for themselves. I also think it's great that they get outside
play time in the winter. They have their snowpants and warm clothes and get
30 minutes before lunch and 30 minutes after, plus carpool time at the end
of the day. (As long as it's above 20 degrees.) When it warms up they have
trikes and bikes to ride around. Shay loves the sledding hill, and as I
mentioned earlier, Kysa loves eating the snow. :)

As for Raleigh, he says, "Mom, I wish I could go here!" Sorry, Ral, you're
a public school kiddo now.

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