Sunday, May 3, 2009


"Kysa, what did you do at Grandma Sue's house today?" I asked.

She replied, "We did some horsies, and we got some cheese, and some jello.
It was good..and Raleigh and dad was playing a game..mommy, I want m&m's.
There are m&m's in there.(pointing up to our closet)."

It's so much fun to have a conversation with her right now.

Shay and I were reading 101 Dalmations. She saw Cruella and blurted out,
"Oo-ella-ella-ella" before I even said anything. She kept repeating it
every time she saw a picture of her. FUNNY! She enjoys saying her L's
now-as in PIL-LOW and YEL-LOW and RA-LEIGH.

I ran on the river between 11-12 miles this morning and then had ball games
going on at Skyline in the afternoon/evening, so Ty took the kids out to the
farm. They were rounding up some cows so Raleigh got to see that with Ty.

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