Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Mom, thanks for all the fun Easter gifts…the kids loved all the stuff.  I wanted to also tell you something funny about our observant little Kysa.  We were getting in the Expedition at Apple the other day, and Kysa walked around the back of the Ex to get her side and exclaimed, “mom, this is not our car---look!”  She was pointing at the bumper where my McCain-Palin bumper sticker had been.  I finally took it off earlier in the week and she noticed it was gone.  I told her I took it off, and she just said, “Okay is our car?”  Yes, Kysa.


Spencer Maxfield came over tonight for a little while, at Raleigh’s request.  He babysat for us last weekend, and when I asked Raleigh how he compared to the other babysitters, Raleigh said, “Oh, he’s better mom.”  Raleigh said he was the best babysitter because 1) he liked Halo way more than the other babysitters 2) he knew how to make “real” food.  (Raleigh was impressed that he made them corn dogs from the freezer.)  3) he could do two things at once—play with Raleigh and help the girls  and 4)  he has a car—none of the other babysitters have a car!  Raleigh said the only problem is that he doesn’t know how to change diapers.  Good thing the girls are doing good with their potty training!  Ha.



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