Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Full of IT!

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Kysa did not take a nap today...but oh man, was she wired when it was time to go to bed as you can tell from this picture.

Raleigh had basketball practice at Ethel Boyes after school with 9 other kindergartners--Taryn and Drew Chapman, Ryker Perkins, Eli Ames, Brennan Bodily, Houston Facer (pre-K), Kade Madsen, Logan Taggart, and Landon Merzlak. Cynthia Taggart chased the girls around for me, along with Houston's older bro. Stratton who pulled Kysa around the gym on her behind with a jump rope for a good portion of the practice. Raleigh is starting to understand basketball concepts better but he's still afraid of the ball somewhat so he's not that aggressive when it comes to rebounding or going after loose balls. He is aggressive when it comes to man-to-man defense however. My favorite drill is our transition drill where the kids have to sprint to half court and then turn and point. They actually look like basketball players when they do it, and instead of yelling "get back, get back!" at the games because they can't pick up until half-court, I can yell "TRANSITION!" and they know what to do. Now we need to work on our offensive transition, which I might call "EARLY", but I haven't decided yet. One thing I know, I cannot use the word transition for offense at this point. It would blow their little minds. I am so thankful we moved to this neighborhood because I love Raleigh's elementary school and his little friends, AND their parents. I feel like I'm developing a really good support system with the other kindergarten moms.

Shay did something hilarious today. i had to throw her in the tub really quick as she had a blowout right before Raleigh's practice. As I was dealing with the diaper and clothes mess, Snowshack came in the bathroom and started to drink out of the toilet. Shay reached over the edge of the tub and pulled her out of the toilet and hollered at her, "NO Nacks! UCKY!" (Nacks is Shay's nickname for Snowshack and all other cats for that matter.) I was so proud of her. At least we know Shay won't be drinking out of the toilet.

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