Monday, February 25, 2008

hat girls

Kysa calls these hats her “pink hat” and her “pincess hat”. She has been putting hats on Shay lately. Shay will actually keep them on for a minute. I think she enjoys the attention she gets. (Kelsy gave them these cute matching outfits for their birthdays.)

When we left Grandma Rue’s house yesterday, Kysa said enthusiastically—“Bye…have bun!” She told the ladies at Apple the same thing tonight and it’s definitely become a habit. Speaking of Apple, one of the ladies asked her what happened to her eye. She said, “mommy did it!” They were concerned! Then when we got home I asked her what happened to her eye, and she said, “Daddy did!”

So she’s getting everyone in trouble!

What really happened? Raleigh accidentally wacked her with Holden’s nerf baseball bat last Sunday. It’s looking much better today.

On an unrelated note, Shay’s hair got curly all of a sudden. I really started to notice it about a week ago. I’m not doing anything different to it—it’s just curly, especially in the back. I LOVE it! She has WAY more hair than Kysa.

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